Blooming Paperwhites




A holiday tradition – Blooming Paperwhites in a Nantucket Basket.


4″ basket with 2 bulbs












These Nantucket Basket Paperwhites have been produced entirely by “Living Independently Forever, Inc.” (LIFE,Inc).The LIFE program is dedicated to serving the life-long needs of adults with significant learning disabilities within our communities on Cape Cod.





WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE?  Bulb shelf life is October through February

HOW DO I STORE MY PAPERWHITES?  Room temperature is OK.  However, a cool dark place is preferred.

IS THERE A LINER? Yes, your basket is lined with a hard plastic liner to hold water.

HOW MUCH WATER DO I PUT IN?  Water just up to the base of the bulb.  Push your index finger down into the vermiculite until you feel the bottom of the bulb, add water until it reaches your finger tip.  (Bulbs that are submerged in water will rot, so don’t over water). 

WILL MY BULBS BLOSSOM AGAIN?  No, forced paperwhite bulbs will blossom only once.  However, the basket, liner, and vermiculite can be re-used for another batch of bulbs.

HOW DO I KEEP MY BLOSSOMS FROM TIPPING OVER?  Have a drink with your paperwhites!!!! Research has discovered that pouring a little alcohol onto paperwhites growing in stone or vermiculite in the home caused them to stay shorter and not fall over.  Use 1 part booze to 9 parts water.  Gin, vodka, whisky, rum, tequila and schnapps are equally effective!  Beer and wine are NOT recommended, as they will kill the bulbs. 


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