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Stuffies® are unique stuffed animals with 7 top-secret pockets so kids can store their treasures, and keep them safe

…and it can even be used as an overnight bag.





So the only question is, “How much stuff can you stuff in a Stuffie®?”


Stuffies kid secret pockets


They’re super sized and super soft and come with a free storybook!


The perfect travel buddy!


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Baby Stuffies® are a smaller version of Original Stuffies®.

And they have magnetic feet for sticking to stuff .


Like the original they feature secret pockets for carrying, sharing, (and even hiding) your stuff.


Every Baby Stuffie® includes 2 FREE friendship bracelets for you and your best friend. Because like baby Stuffies®, friends stick together!

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16 cute Baby Stuffies® to choose from!

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Perfect for any occasion!